Cobden Wini is the culmination of an effort involving family, friends, long days, longer nights, lots of college debt, and plenty of fun along the way. The brand name is a tribute to my parents, Christopher Cobden Davis and Mary Winifred Davis, without whom none of this would exist (including myself). Their support and encouragement enabled me to leave Maryland and head west to take a chance on a dream. Cobden Wini is the ultimate realization of that dream. So grab a glass, break out the corkscrew, and enjoy!

2020 Oakville Old Federal Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

My dad, Christopher Cobden Davis (“the professor”), loves a good Cab, so we started producing Cabernet Sauvignon in 2015 (and threw him on the label). The 2020 vintage continues with the excellence that this vineyard offers. The nose is rich with dark fruit and baking spices. The mouthfeel is delicately soft, with tannins that coat the palate but don’t overwhelm. Flavors of dark berries, spice, and subtle oak are balanced and linger in the mouth.


Due to the incredible support of loyal customers such as yourself, our wines have been selling out quickly. Because of this, we have decided to launch a club that will allow you priority access to each of our wines. Members of Cobden Wini will receive two allocations per year, as well as first access to all new releases, library selections, large formats, and member-only wines.  Members also get exclusive deals throughout the year and special gifts!